Sponsor a child

“Sponsor a child and change their life”

Kanchha faced a lot of hardships throughout his life as he was illiterate. When Kanchha worked as a trekking guide, he had to keep accounts on trek with his beads and would always have someone make his notes. He understood the value of education and hence sent his children to school in Khumjung so that they would have an easier life ahead.

Kanchha’s wish is to see more children in schools because he doesn’t want the future generation to suffer like he did. Through Kanchha Sherpa Foundation he wants to fulfil his wish to see an educated future generation. Recently through the program- “Sponsor a child and change their life”, Kanchha Sherpa Foundation has supported 3 underprivileged children for their school in Kathmandu with the help of donation from our well-wishers. But due to insufficient funds, we request our donors and well-wishers to sponsor a child for the long run.

We are constantly searching for children in need of education but deprived of it because of poverty. So far, we have found 4 children who are able to benefit from our organization. Our search will go on if willing donors come up. We are serving as a medium between sponsors and sponsored children.

How the sponsorship works


Choose a child you want to sponsor.


Donate the annual fees amount needed for child’s education.


Your monthly donation will be used to educate the child.


Sponsors will receive updates about their child twice a year.

Success story

Pramila is disabled who is unable to walk properly because of a fire incident that took place in her village in remote area of Solukhumbu. She was brought to Kathmandu by her aunt after the earthquake damaged her house. She needed support for basic needs like education, clothes, food and others.

We were fortunate enough to find a sponsor for her through our contacts and networks. Her sponsor will pay for her education until Grade 12, so she can achieve her dreams.

We are really thankful to her sponsor.

With the help from our donors and well wishers, we managed to find scholarships for 7 girls from rural Nepal. Kanchha Sherpa Foundation have paid for their educational expenses for the whole academic year. This includes tuition fees, exam fees, tie and diary. Further,stationery kits were also distributed to them earlier.

These girls have large family size and are all from agricultural background, making it difficult for their family to manage money for their daily life. They were unable to pay for their education and therefore, Kanchha Sherpa Foundation managed to find scholarship for them. Sponsored girl list: Ganga Waiba, Ismriti Shrestha, Sanjita Waiba, Pabitra Basnet, Jamuna Rai, Dev Kala Puri and Reshma Bhujel