Who we are

Kanchha Sherpa, a legend, is the only living member of the first successful ascent of 1953 Everest Expedition who helped Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay make history on top of the world.  At present, Kanchha, 84 years old, and a resident of Namche Bazaar, is a happy, old man with his prayer wheels always by his side. He vividly remembers every moment of the 1953 Everest Expedition and reminisces the past old, hard days.

Kanchha faced a lot of hardships throughout his life as he was illiterate. When Kanchha worked as a trekking guide, he had to keep accounts on trek with his beads and would always have someone make his notes. He understood the value of education and hence sent his children to school in Khumjung so that they would have an easier life ahead.

Sherpa culture admirer Kanchha is a religious old man, saying his prayers, with prayer beads and prayer wheels always by his side. He has been to many religious places in India and Nepal. He believes in doing good deeds like being kind and unselfish to the people, helping poor, needy and disabled people and not harming any living being. Doing so, Kanchha feels this Karma will lead his path to Heaven.

Kanchha has been called up in programs organized by Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) and honored several times but this only started recently. In 2016, Sagarmatha national Park Buffer Zone Committee named a building “Kanchha Sherpa Bhawan” as an honor. Although, Kanchha Sherpa is a legend, being the only living member of the 1953 Everest Expedition with Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, there has been no sort of support from the Nepal government financially or in terms of facilities. Thus, in 2017 Kanchha’s grandchild Tshering thought of a plan to start an NGO to honor his grandfather. Tshering had a clear idea that the NGO would formulate objectives based on his grandfather Kanchha’s wishes: Education for all and Humanitarian aid. He gave the name, Kanchha Sherpa Foundation and started working immediately once the necessary funds arrived.


Kanchha Sherpa Foundation is a registered non-governmental and non-profit organization based in Kathmandu, Nepal. The main objectives as per Kanchha’s wish are:

Education to poor and needy children.

  • One sponsor one child for education.
  • Distribution of stationary supplies like books, pencils, notebook, school bags etc.
  • Distribution of new or used computers, laptops for education of poor children.

Any forms of humanitarian aid during natural calamities.

  • Distribution of clothes, blankets, food and relief materials.
  • Rebuilding of destroyed homes after natural calamities.


We aim to sponsor many children for education with the aid from donors and focus on improving the well-being of children in need, especially the most vulnerable. We vow to distribute educational materials and tools to support education for poor and underprivileged children from rural communities. We aim to become a reliable organization in terms of providing humanitarian aid in form of cash or goods during natural calamities like flood, earthquake etc.


Kanchha Sherpa Foundation requests donors, well-wishers, philanthropists and sponsors to donate in order to meet our objectives. We rely completely on the donations made by individuals and businesses. Donations help sustain our organization and benefit the community that we serve. A small amount can make a huge difference in someone’s life.